• Mika K.

Coronavirus (COVID-19); what can malls and retailers do?

Updated: Mar 24

The majority of retailers and shopping malls are facing tough times right now, as the coronavirus and reactions to this, forces shops to close or has/is dramatically decreasing foot-flow, as people are, rightly so, staying home. But how can they fight this and reduce the obvious negative impact?

We may be able help.

For the past few years our team has been focused on building a unique offering for shopping malls to create a true virtual shopping mall experience for their customers by bringing together a number of independent tenants and retailers into one online marketplace.

We are soon going live with our first ever deployment of this platform.

Our strategy, prior to the coronavirus situation, has been to go live with this first case before offering it to any other entities around the globe.

However, we realised that during these tough times many shopping malls and their tenants need help and we believe that it is more valuable for them to have access to such a platform as fast as possible.

Our first concern is of course, that we all, as a global society, stay healthy and together we minimise the risk of spreading the infection by following the guidelines set out by many experts and governments around the world.

The goal is to help tenants and malls get through this unprecedented situation. We would like to help as much as we can.

So, we are starting a very targeted campaign to shopping mall owners, developers and directors across Europe and hope you would help us spread the word if you know someone who might benefit from this.


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