Introducing the next evolution in multi-sided online marketplaces - remain independent and gain advantages from a collective.

Gateway was founded in 2014 based on a simple thought: could we unite a group of individual small businesses into one customer facing service that would negate some of the traditional risks these small businesses have, give them a better chance to compete with the bigger players and give customers the ability to find and choose products and services more easily from their local suppliers.

Our first implementation of the Gateway Core platform was ePharma - a platform that brings independent pharmacies into one customer facing app. We also integrated this platform with the leading healthcare operator's (Mehiläinen) own app to provide their customers to buy and receive prescription medicine authorized by their doctors.

At the end of 2017 we started exploring other use cases and industries for our core platform and founded a bunch of new verticals ranging from the LED market in the UK to the construction market in Finland through to the shopping mall market in Poland.

We learned a great deal from working with a variety of industries, industry players and their partners. One key point from all of it was that there is a need for our original business model - now more than ever.

Lately, most of our time and resource has been allocated to ensuring the successful launch of the shopping mall app, g@leria, in Poland, and we will be launching that during the first quarter of 2020. It is a great beginning of a new decade and a start for our growth in Europe, scaling this business with new partners.



Kaisaniemenkatu 2B, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 44 231 7706


Kaisaniemenkatu 2B, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 44 231 7706

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